My Wellbeing

We Care about You…

You are an important part of our 110 strong, dynamic, passionate team of support staff who make a difference every day in our client’s lives. We recognise your contribution in providing care and support, personal development and social opportunities to people with a disability in our local community.

Without You we could not be who we are as the lead service provider in the disability sector in this region.

We care about You and will endeavour to work together to develop your skills whilst providing flexible working conditions.

While every day may be different working for Community Lifestyle Support, often, you never know what is going to unfold that day, one thing is guaranteed - you will go home with a sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction knowing that you are making a difference as a valuable part of our dynamic team.

The entire management team values and respects You, and we are here to provide ongoing support for You and our Clients.

We offer skills development through on-the-job training, learning and education and provide the opportunity to expand your horizons while you gain nationally recognised qualifications.

THANK YOU for your contribution as we all work together to be the best service we can be in assisting our Clients achieve their goals.

Your Physical Health

Your physical health and well being is also important to us. It is vital that we all have a balance across the demands of our families, rostered hours, social and emotional life, spiritual and cultural life, sleep, exercise and our mental health.

Community Lifestyle Support recognises the importance of supporting staff to maintain their Health and Wellbeing and aims to promote an awareness of the importance of self care.

Links are provided below to assist individuals to access information and resources such as education, workshops and activities within the community to support your own Health and Wellbeing. An example is the Black Dog Institute which is a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented organisation offering specialist expertise in depression, mood disorders and bipolar disorder. It offers self assessment, fact sheets and various tools such as ‘my compass’ which enables support in tracking how you are going.  It is easy to register/ use and individual staff members are able to sign up confidentially. Many of the links below offer information, resources and on-line tools.  Please check them out!

Your Mental Health

In order to be ourselves and to function at full capacity we all need to care for our mental health and well being. Useful mental health checklists are available from the BeyondBlue website (see useful links section below) or speak to our Human Resource Manager for more information.

Of course if you are experiencing prolonged stress and physical symptoms, it is recommended you seek medical assistance.

At CLS we offer staff access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available free of charge to all staff. Feedback from staff who have attended these confidential appointments has indicated that the EAP has been beneficial in assisting them to work through their issues and/or problems.

To access our EAP, please contact your Human Resource Manager for more information on the options available.

If you require counselling, some local options include:

B Transformed
Salty's Arcade
47 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 4154 3223

79 Woongarra St
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 1300 523985

UnitingCare Community (formerly Lifeline)
Cnr. River Tce & Penny Street
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 4153 8400 

Finding the Light Counselling & Coaching
David Lawson
Unit 6 Bingera Court
245 Bourbong Street
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 0407 585 497

Relationships Australia
14 Tantitha Street
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 1300 364277

Lutheran Community Care
30 George St
Bundaberg 4670
Ph: 4151 5333

Drug & Alcohol counselling

Alcoholics Anonymous
Ph: 4151 8084

Ph: 4152 7352

Bridges Aligned Services (counselling, treatment, support, family therapy)
Ph: 4152 2805

Drug Arm office
Ph: 4152 1259

Your Emotional and Spiritual Health

 “Spirituality gives meaning to life and helps us to see beyond ourselves”

There is a direct correlation between spiritual well-being and quality of life and is a broader concept than religion, which is one expression of spirituality. Other expressions include prayer, meditation, interactions with others or nature, and relationship with God or a higher power.

Some spiritual identifiers that help us assess our spiritual development are:

  • is there purpose to our life?
  • are we able to overcome our suffering and see something or someone beyond it?
  • are we at peace?
  • are we hopeful or do we despair?
  • what nourishes that sense of value in us : personal faith, prayer, relationship with others, religious commitment?
  • do your beliefs help you cope with life, anxiety , and with achieving peace?

To help us all achieve a sense of wellbeing, quality of life and hope, we may need to take the time to look at how well our spiritual needs are being met and possibly identify ways to express or develop our spirituality.
This may be done through meditation, experiences in nature, prayer, art, writing, reflections, guided imagery, religious or spiritual readings, ritual, or connection to others and God.

At your six monthly Supervisions we look at your how you look after yourself and what strategies you have in place to meet your emotional and spiritual needs.  Your emotional health is important to us and the client’s we support.

Useful Employee Links:

Department Disability & Community Care


Workcover Qld

Workplace Health & Safety Qld

Fair work Ombudsman & Award information

Australian Services Union

Australian Workers Union

Btransformed (Employer Assistance Program)

Relationships Australia


Centrelink Disability Info

Australian Law

Australian Legislation

Depression - Beyond Blue

Mensline Australia

Womens Health

Queensland Health Information


Mental health – Black Dog Institute